Video Game Thread 9.0

It just came out.

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That’s not an excuse to not be able to name your character. The game is named Palworld, not Game078. They had time to name the game, they can program a function that was in 1987 NES games.

I’m dying on this hill lol

I have had the best luck on our last few Blackfathom Deeps raids on WoW SoD. I just got my Bael Modan Blunderbuss for 6 agi in the ranged slot. My rogue now is totally BiS’d out and ready for phase 2 on Thursday when the level cap goes up to 40. I’ve literally gotten everything I need. There are only two rogue usable items I didn’t get and they have alternatives that are equal in power that also drop on the same raid, which I have.

I’m planning to get a PS5 one of these days! I’m just wondering it I should wait for the PS6

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The PS6 is still probably 3 years away at least, they are gonna come out with the slim models of the PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year.

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I love that game. I played through it a few months ago for the first time since I was about 8 years old. But physical editions are pointless now. Much easier to emulate it.
Duckstation (emulator) allows you to upscale the textures too.

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I’m also trying to play Tekken 8. Its my first Tekken ever and I’ve never really played fighting games (other than some Soul Calibur with friends). I spent the first day as Raven and learnt the basics with him. But now I’m trying to play as Nina. Shes fun.

My main crtisism of Tekken is that some characters seem to be able to launch and juggle you forever. Law and Hwoarang in particular I find really painful to play against.
Meanwhile Raven as a character just doesn’t have the same offensive capabilities. Even when I’ve watched some high rank games, Raven players tend to be very defensive and sort of chip away slowly rather than doing long juggles.

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The slim ps5 are already out. I think they will release PS5 Pro this or next year.

Been playing Goldeneye on Xbox game pass

Brings back great memories

Would have been even better if they stretch multiplayer to online tho


Are you playing on xbox or PC? PC too has xbox gamepass

It’s on Xbox

Not sure if on PC

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Just installed Kingdom Come Deliverance anyone ever played it?? Got it on sale for like 6 bucks or so and it has great reviews may fire it up after I finish my morning tea

If it’s your first tekken keep in mind that is an extremely hard game (because it’s a legacy game).

I would suggest you not to play Nina, as a beginner. Idk about Raven, but Nina is one of the most difficult chars.

About launch and juggle, all characters can do that consistently. Maybe you have encountered some Hwos and Laws that do it more, but it’s not their characteristic. But tricky hit strings spamming, especially Hwo, can be an issue lol. Strings are like combos, but when you are in neutral (that means when you are standing, not in the air). They can be tricky because they are a succession of moves, some high, some mid, some low, and the number of hits and animation can be extremely tricky. But you allways can defend from them.

You defend vs. launchers keeping in mind that they are 15 frames or more. If you consistently block, don’t use unsafe moves (those who are -15 frames on block) and, above all, don’t whiff moves (which means to punch the air because you are out of range. Worst beginner mistake) you shouldn’t get launched pretty often…

If you have any questions or are struggling in the game, you can ask me about it.

As a total beginner, I would recommend you to spend some time in the practice mode:
-Learn your best 10 or 15 moves from a video or a guide
-Identify from that guide which are your launchers
-Learn 1 bnb (bread and butter, because they usually work with different launchers) combo
-practice movement and backdash cancelling (you can look a guide, or ask me whst it is)

About Nina and Raven. This image is a difficulty tier list. I would suggest you pick an easy char, or if you like it a lot, one of the intermediates. There should be some char you like for his/her appearance, playstyle, fighting style, background lore, etc.

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I am waiting for new mw3 season, new maps and modes


i have the remastered version on switch. it looks good af like a remake but stays true to the original. retro game collecting is dying as resellers are becoming more and more outrageous

I don’t understand back dash at all. When I watched high rank games that all have this weird movement tech that I don’t understand how you are meant to achieve. I watched one video on it and he didn’t explain anything.

And yes - I realise all characters have launchers but some I played against seem to find it really easy to launch and can relaunch mid combo etc. Where as someone like Paul or Raven seems to not keep people floating as much.

I read your post earlier and took your advice. I tried out Victor. His inputs are way more simple. The main thing that has kept me away from fighting games over my 28 years of gaming is the inputs. Nina and Raven feel like regular fighting characters. Victor feels very simple. I felt like I was getting the rhytmn of fighting down better tho because I wasnt worried about inputs as much. I got better at blocking.

What do you make of the ranking system?
Is there ever rank where you start deranking?
To me it seems like I get to green and then I start losing probably 3/4 games - but if I get the occasional win I still rank up which just seems weird to me.

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In tekken you can cancel every movement (which by default take a long animation) with another quick movement input. For example, if you press forward, forward, back in quick succession, you dash block, which is very useful for going towards your opponent. To go back, simply press back, back and quickly sidestep, back. You will cancel both animations and move quicker. It takes some practice.

In an old tekken, some korean players discovered that pressing back, down-back and releasing to neutral, gave an additional back input at the end of the sequence. So you only need to press back again to perform a backdash. Notation looks like thks: b,db,release, b,db, release. It’s called korean backdash and it’s not easy to do at all.

Victor is good to learn the game with. As you know, tekken is extremely difficult. The less you need to worry about, the better.

Ranking system is bad. The people at the top are blatantly cheating (1 sec K.O. into the game). If you plug your console at the end of the match, you don’t register the loss. You can edit (PC) your steam game files aswell. There are other cheats for low blocks, etc. The company does nothing about it.

I think online is fun and great for training. Most people don’t cheat… but the real deal are irl meetings and competitions!

Once you get higher rankings you can demote btw.

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Thanks for answering all my questions so well!
What characters do you like to play?
Do you have any you hate playing against?

Also what are namco like at balancing and tuning the roster?

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