Video Game Thread 7.0

Haven’t touched RDR2 for a week and a half now. I have some digital farm stock to abuse. That’s my primal instinct coming safely to the surface.

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You’re really making me want a VR system. No way is my old junker pc is up for it.

Maybe I’ll try my patience and wait for PlayStation VR2.

Good job keeping up with it and getting some exercise! You have an envious llama.

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@velociraptor is making me want one too but my eyes are hopelessly screwed up.

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Been playing “Graveyard keeper”

It’s a fun sim game where you run your own graveyard/church/farm/zombie horde.

Great humor, fun gameplay loops, but of puzzle.

Llama has sealed its approval.

Happy gaming all!

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I think @velociraptor has some inserts that match a prescription.


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Nope. Double vision and one eye is near sighted and the other far sighted plus a smattering of astigmatism.


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Don’t know about the double vision, but you can get adapters for glasses that correct astigmatism.

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Oh my!

Yeah I think you may be out of luck, sorry dude. Maybe in the future when the tech is better for the ocular divergent

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If it’s two separate viewing glasses then I am screwed. I was never able to focus to solve those Magic Eye books. I was fwuffslated.


There are separate left and right screens in the headset. They provide the stereo vision and depth perception. Things really come right at you in VR.


Have very little of both. It’s a miracle they even granted me a driver’s license. Oh well. Sh!t happens.

If you want to get me back, go for a run.


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L’Enfant terribles!


Bien sûr. Je suis le pire.

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I don’t find ankle biting an enjoyable time but if you nibble lightly we can.

Halo’s Big Team Battle is almost impossible to matchmake into due to problems and it’s been this way for over a month now. They said they are working on a fix but it sucks because that’s my favorite mode and a lot of the challenges are geared towards that mode. Their team took a 1 month holiday break and left it broken which kind of sucked.


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Okay so here’s my problem with Halo Infinite right now… whenever I play solo, I do just fine, going positive on my KDR reliably. However my teammates will always SUCK horribly. Like they’ll get 3 kills and 15 deaths… they just rush forward into enemies and die, then respawn, and do that same thing over and over again.

Halo is a game where you have to stick together, but these teammates go off on their own and try to gun down an enemy group of 3-4 players. They never learn from their mistakes. Maybe these are like 10 year old players? I wish there was a playlist that only allowed adults, cuz I’m so sick of losing games.

The only way to combat this is to team up with my little bro who is also good (even better than me in fact), and the two of us carry the team.

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Wow. Really surprised to see Sony still making PS4s.