Video Game Thread 10.0

Oh I basically threw my placements to get into rookie so I could get easy tournament wins and be one of the first 100% completionists on There was an achievement for ten tournament match wins and this was the fastest way to get it. Once I had the wins I needed, I went into ranked and stomped people in about 55 matches that got me from Rookie to Plat 2. I lost 2 matches and one guy D/C from a rage quit but I won the other 50 matches. It was a total washout.

Then I faced a few people that gave me a little resistance, gave up, and never tried again. That was last year some time :open_mouth:

I still played, maybe a thousand or so matches since then, but always casual. Usually it puts me up against platinum-diamond but occasionally a gold.

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Tonight is the night I try Raft.

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I played that game with my cousin. The sharks are a pita lol

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Have you guys played a game called ‘arc’ there’s dinasaurs and you gotta build a base, and upgrade the dinasaurs… bother in law plays it, swears it’s good!

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Yeah he keeps biting pieces of my raft off! I am getting along though and rebuilding it faster than he can eat it.

@Dudenotperfect yeah I’m familiar with Ark, but I’ve never played it personally


I’ve hit that age, about a year or two ago… and stopped gaming… just something in me isn’t as keen… though I have tonnes of nostalgia based on the games I’ve played luring me back, but yeah

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I mean the average age of gamers is 35+, there are lots of reasons to lose passion in a hobby but I think the idea that video games are inherently for children is probably not accurate.

I’m sure it varies based on person though.

Yeah, like I wanna play, but I turn it on and turn it off cause in ps5 you gotta join ea sports, or ea games or can’t remember clearly but cbf doing that!

What’s your favourite game all time or do you have multiples?

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Baldur’s Gate 2 for PC

I could list a lot of really good ones though. A lot of super nintendo RPGs and old PC games were pretty great. The very first Fallout was awesome, I beat that back in the day.

I’ve never been a huge fan of EA. I did like the Fight Night boxing games though

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How old are you man, I’m 36 so the games we played may vary… I liked call of duty, half life, gran turismo, gta (vice city, San Andreas), spyro, crash bandicoot, etc

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I’m 40. Vice City was the only GTA I fully beat, I remember putting a lot of time in it.

I played Call of Duty a lot for like ten years and got tired of it afterwards. I remember getting all diamond camos for Black Ops 2.

I’ve been in a slump last few months where I can’t enjoy much in the realm of gaming though. My avolition comes and goes in cycles.

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Oh damn. I thought you were younger… I’ll be whee you’re at in 4 years not sure about gaming though I wanna try bird watching, astronomy and stuff like that… if I can get into it rhatll be great

Anyone excited about new game coming out this month July 30 - new rts game Stormgate?

Damn I want laptop and Stormgate

my all time favorite handheld due to the nostalgia, library and how ahead of its time it was. my modded psp 1000


Maybe this will be even more better rts

Damn I need new laptop

Love the PSP.

I managed to jailbreak both the PSP and the PS Vita, though the PS Vita doesn’t really have that many good games.

I even have the same case as you !



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Very very sad stuff. Remember, after Chapter 6 it goes to the sequel.

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Of late, Ive played New n Tasty (remake of Abe’s Oddysee). And just did the emulation of Abe’s Exxodus.