Video call with pdoc tomorrow

I speak to my doc every 6 months for like 30 minutes. I like this setup. We have had our differences but I know he has my best interests at heart.

Not sure what to say but I suppose it’s his job to lead the consultation. Will tell him I babysit the boys (my nephews) up to 4 times a week and hopefully that will impress him.

Meds wise I don’t think now is the time to upset the applecart (with COVID kicking around). I will tell him that since I have restarted tobacco I have gotten more anxious than usual


good luck with the video call! I hope it will go well. I only see my pdoc in 5 months now also… he took 6 months for new appointment cause his agenda is fully booked.

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I think a lot of the meds say you need to inform your doctor if you smoke, as it effects the meds in your system and you need a higher dose.


Yeah I think you are right

Haven’t talked to my pdoc in a while. We usually talk about meds.

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