Vid at BH Board Meeting


Quite an impressive video from California. Thanks.

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Yo those butterflies are amazing!

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An important message and video.

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Ty all :blush: i appreciate the kind words :blush:


Why is because we have been otherwise neglected. Let’s get out of this hole.

whats up man? whats on ur mind?

Good buddy, I had a vigorous day. I don’t really know how much stress I am taking. I suspect it is just moderate and I am such a small guy that I feel like it’s hard work.
I do advanced data entry.

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Im feeling stress about a busier schedule just lately…

Ima go and put care packages out for the homeless homies.

That was cool. I think I’ll look for more stuff on Mad Pride/consumer rights.

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yeah… Ive just been volunteering lately… yet i struggle not puking about the science experiment that lives in my sink after a week of being complacent & forgetting i felt like puke a hundred times before from letting it get too far…

Long story short… Im a Special Ed Student of Life riddled by philosophy exams … lol :slight_smile:

I hope you feel welcome.

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Ty sir. I appreciate that

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