Victory over criminal stalkers!

I won.

But nothing to fear though, I’m sure his big sister is close by to tad his bottem, post his bail, and do his hair for him.

lights a Marlboro Smooth

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Just because I think she’s reading this stuff… I’m just gonna say how many chances does that loser need?

Now he’s targeting other people and has gotten completely out of control.

Oh and I would like to add that I’m so happy that chris and zach are two of the uggliest buttholes I’ve ever seen in my life.

Mate you’ve lost it


No i haven’t. I’m talking to mistercollie whom I know (regrettably) in real life. We’re just dodging eachother’s threads for the most part to avoid moderation lol. If you look closely.

Yeah you tell them snowy!


Encore for me!!!

You don’t know me in real life. You’re suffering from a delusion in which you think you met me before. I have no clue who you are, guy. Unless your name is David & you live in Wisconsin, that’s the only person I ever met with SZ, and he had SZA not SZ, and was dating some female named Emily. I hardly knew him.

Is this you, David? You’re triggering voices in my head. So if this is David, let’s talk it out. IF this is not David, you need some help, guy. I’ve never met anyone with SZ before in my real world here in Wisconsin, besides my sister & one of her friends, David.


Yeah this is Dave. I’m just wondering why are you dumb as ■■■■ now.

The Lady Gaga song wasn’t even directed at you at first- you know there’s people on here that actually like me?

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Man, as you can see if I wanted to be nasty I could have been from the start.

I think you’ve finally lost your mind man. I was seriously wondering why you seemed to make it through without even a scratch even though you did more than I did. I guess it was just a matter of time… =(

One of the reasons why I bolted last year was because it was like you weren’t even on this planet dude. I’ve also watched you going downhill ever since you told me this story:

I really wish I knew the whole story though. Don’t bother trying to tell it to me though, I don’t even trust you at all anymore…

I’m sorry it ended this way.

Don’t be intimidated by criminal threats

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This guy is trolling you hard man

I’m filing a police report, guy. I have to notify the administrator though so you better make damn sure you’re from Wisconsin. I’m not living in fear, ok, guy?