Very worried about writing a professional article, don't have the experience or the opinions or the wider knowledge

I believe porn started(even in antiquity and earlier) out as just an overtly sexual female who liked to show herself to the world. or a (married) couple that was into exhebitionism and shared what they did together in the bedroom with everybody. dont think of porn as the modern day artificial stuff. its impossible to imagne a world where there arent loose females. since women in the western world make up more than a majority of the sex. there are for example over 5 million more females than males in germany alone. in the usa it was something like 10 more millions. these women cant find husbands, because if all of the males and females were to come together they would be left without a partner. so these women become “public property” so to speak and they develop a higher sexual drive in order to find partners. not to stay with them necessarely but just to experience a togetherness with the opposite sex. and dont forget about all of the gays in the world… and men who get cold feet from approaching a woman… that would leave far more females without a partner than 10 millions. So yeah porn originated because of overtly sexual females and also because men themselves tend to have desire far more than average women so they seek other ways to experience sex without a partner.

With a simple google search:

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Dont go to other references. Think what is given to you at hand. Their theories arent more valid than mine since we cant re-establish the past. The past is gone and there is nothing more than memory, traditions and archeological “evidence” that can point to what happened in the past. but you can never say with a 100% certainty that it was so and so because it is just as possible that some being placed these object of reference there giving the false impression of them being old. Sorry for not having read the link youve posted but i am familiar with antiquity very much and i know for a fact that “porn” (the word itself comes from ancient greek) was nothing like it is today. there were dildos, homosexuality and prostitutes but not as obscene as it is nowadays, there were no strange fetishes back then like full-leather BDSM, three-somes or “deep-throat” or whatever the ■■■■ there is now. Ive even read some “erotic” greek literature and they, using primitive langauge ofcourse, made reference to the genitalia in methaphorical language such as oyster. (btw im not writing articles or books here so im not citing any evidence) And overall they didnt depict this willing and knowing de-meanor to denegrade the receiving sex. Not to mention that there were no sextapes. The had pictures though and there were quite few of them. The city of Pompeii, which was destroyed in around 70CE(if im not mistaken, speaking from memory here) has alot of paintings and reference to sex, prostitutes and brothels. However what we nowadays understand as porn is actually quite healthy for society because men nowadays dont go out to practice their fetishes on the world but stay inside and look at a screen in order to find their satisfaction.

For once I partially agree with you, but this conversation is off-topic, @CloudDog wanted to know how to writte her article, this conversation doesn’t help her on the subject I think. Is opinion based, and that’s what she shouldn’t count on writting it.

@CloudDog did you read the article I posted? Might give you some ideas.

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What is her central point? That porn is bad? To encourage men/women to quit all porn and see what the world and women are like without their porn-lenses?

Im very simple writer i dont usually swing around with big words, unless they are in discussion.

So she should start with a prefix what her central argument is(porn is bad) then give reference to how 20% of porn is child porn. cite or refer to some much visited sexually explicit youtube videos of young girls “twerking” and if necessary point to the men who make sexual comments.

Then make another point about how awful it is to be a sexual worker or porn star and that most of the time they dont even experience pleasure from their work. citing some famous (who everybody knows) porn star saying she doesnt get any joy out of it. utterly crushing the imagination of the porn viewer of his outlook on porn.

Have some reference to people who are pro-porn and their arguments for it. (if youre manipulative take the worst most easily refutable arguments) and go against them giving facts that their ideas are totally false and missing the mark.

Close by repeating your argument and giving short summaries of all points.

Thats how i would do it…

Actually it incites violence against women,
Men become more brutal and it is used by men in preparing rapes

And it’s not new it’s very old
It’s why men went to war in centuries past, to rape women outside their home town and consequences of having to bring up a child
There have Always been peep shows, leather was a normal fabric as was fur
I’m sure you can call women’s parts an oyster in a sexually violent manner

However 13 and having had first blood you were a woman in western culture too
We’ve had suffragettes listened to when they said ‘no’ that is the only difference
So here we are in the west back in the dark ages

Is it possible to be feminist in the real sense (anti pornography- not anti sex) and not be called a man hater?

Hello CloudDog,

I’m not an expert either, but I think I understand what you are asking. The most important thing in my opinion to start with is to focus in on who your audience will be. If you are a survivor and are writing your story from experience to help others, then your audience will be for people that are struggling to break free from that industry, lifestyle, or addiction. Your work would not need to be backed from intense research because it is coming from first hand experience from a person that actually broke free. Your audience will want to hear what YOU have to tell them to enable them to do the same. On the other hand, if you are trying to educate your audience, or motivate them to some type of action to try and help put an end to that industry, you should establish your credibility early on in the paper (exp., education, profession, etc…), followed by your research from credible sources, then jump into what you want them to do or take from your writing.

What a disgusting thing to write about. Lol

But seriously, the key to a good article or paper of any sort is a thesis statement backed up by research with citations.

I would know, it’s about half of what I do as a student. An example of a strong thesis statement is “Differences within groups are greater than differences between groups” for a social psyc paper. Or how about “schizophrenia is a widely misunderstood and complex disorder which affects a very small percentage of the global population” or something like that- then follow the thesis statement up with only that which supports what you just stated to be true.

My current thesis statement something like “public stigma of mental illness is the way members of the general public (most often negatively) view the mentally ill. It is composed of…” And then back that ■■■■ up and have a procedure designed to reduce the public stigma, an intervention, and basically predications of what the results of it will be.

It’s called deductive reasoning; start out with a punch line and follow it up with facts that support the punch line. It’s the most effective way of professional writing, at least it has brought me pretty far and been graded as good every time I do it.

It’s basically elementary formal logic. Some people find it easy and some drop out. You either get logic or you don’t. Not getting it means study that crap on caffeine like you’re insane. Then after a few days you will get it or not get it. Then you see a tutor.

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men who are brutal would be so irregardless of porn. men who have tendecies to rape women only use porn to get a satisfaction but the idea to rape is developed before porn. its genetical. there were even scientific tests done on rapists who would sexually molest animals after being completely castrated. they would use sticks, since their members are missing.

Nope, even the oldest wars such as the famous Illiad by homer (trojan war) was about DEFENDING and RESCUING captured noble women from the foreigners (trojans). most wars are done in defense against something.

The literature ive read was mainly focusing on 3 women going to a merchant and buying a dildo made out of leather and it was like making fun of the emberassment of the situation and that in the end they didnt buy the dildo and that the main girl had sex with the dealer instead.

Just because something is called “dark” doesnt make it somehow ignorant. the only ignorant person is who takes words refered for time periods and thinks that they are therefore wrong.

Yes, but depends how you define “feminist”.

Indeed …,.,.,.

Thanks Minnii
Sorry I didn’t see the first time
Good article

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Who did you want to write the article for? Just curious. Sorry if im not letting much room for you to respond to.

I’ll respond to that

Yes it is.



You have to consider ( at least side-way or in a form of cross-reference) that there are women who watch porn as well, and then there is a genre called ‘feminist porn’.
For me, there is no room for totalistic view on anything. Of course, you can always claim that even a woman who is voluntarily in the porn industry is either ‘culturally unaware of her own subjection’ or she is 'pathologically attached to her abusers" or whatever…but isn’t that not only an assumption but denying the right of choice as well?

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There is always room for the “they actually like it” also.

On my opinion, and I know it’s mine and I don’t need to share it (lol, you know I’m kidding), I have always had a very unhealthy approach to sex. Either from porn or the actual sexual encounters. Porn just doens’t say anything to me anymore, it’s not because I’m a feminist and I don’t think it’s because I want a healthier approach to sex in my life either, it just doesn’t satisfy or excites me in the way it used to. It’s kind of useless to me, not because of my ideals also. I grew out of my unhealthy approach to sex, that kind of followed it.

There are multiple ways to look at it.

Porn for me shows the animalistic mentality of humans…nothing else.

I would prefer to live in a world where porn is 100% wiped out. I would even go so far as to say I’d prefer to live in a world where technology was impossible - as in the elements & physics of said world couldn’t be bent to make electricity, cameras, and certainly not the internet possible. I’d also like procreation to be done away with, as well as “children” to all be matured into adults - NO MORE vulnerable children.

I’d like to go back “in time” so-to-speak. But alas, so many artists crave drawing or replicating sexual hedonism. I don’t understand the connection. I sort of hate art, and I haven’t watched movies or television b/c of the overuse of sexuality in them as a “hook” factor.

It seems we’re slowly but surely being consciously churned back into a sexually immoral age. For whatever reason, my consciousness doesn’t like it - it still thinks about “sex” as being sacred, as being a means of procreating & generating new humans and families.

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Yeah but ‘personal opinions’ does not count in an professional article.
There is scopophilia, as I said. Its a fact - a visual pleasure makes our sexual desire.

(Take a look at no.17 in References, Bell Hooks, Eating the Other)

The question is

I would like to address this issue with the analysis of a few words from the horse’s mouth so to speak. While responding to this question and researching the general topic, I found that there were not that many real surprises out there in attitudes about porn:

'It’s not expoiltation if it’s the profession that they chose. A lucritive one at that.,’

'I highly doubt there are many people who get into porn acting if they don’t find sex somewhat enjoyable.’

I have danced to ‘You know you want it’ instead of walking out. I felt horrified with this song publicly celebrating ‘blurred lines’ and it is an old classic already.

I felt that I needed to be informed because I have not searched for porn on line and had very limited exposure to porn. I scoured popular websites for facts and opinions and none of it shocked me or surprised me. By osmosis I have picked up from radio and T.V and through arguing with MGTOW and MRA’s (Men Going Their Own Way and Male Rights Activists,) on the stupidest of forums… about issues around feminism… and have realised I was informed in the first place. I have not been living in a vacuum. Thank God.

I would describe myself as a feminist…. Is 'pro sex’, sometimes called liberal feminism credibly pro porn? Is it’s opposite really 'anti sex’ militant feminism and how uncool is that these days? Feminists are scorned. This is nothing new.

We can’t escape it even by choosing not to watch, because of our children and entire society is ‘going back’ to crimes against women being the norm. Women had a brief respite after the war when it was okay to be prudish and have a conversation. Suffragetes are claimed as having achieved equality - even superiority, by men and women. The west is cured of misogyny. Women have all the advantages. This is basic anti feminism and it is pervasive or at least very popularly touted.

It feels that this is no longer underground. It is accessible to children and using the same children once more, almost in the open. The internet is 50% porn and Child pornography is 20% of internet porn.

In other cultures its normal to reach full adult age at fourteen. In the Lutheran Church or the Bah Mitzvah in Judaism
The uproar four generations ago, since 1915 have given women a semblance of choice and the illusion that children are not abused.
It is not apart from feminism being anti porn. It is not apart from anti violence against women being anti porn.

Women today feel the need to argue ‘pro choice’ - the prostitutes or generally euphamised ‘Sex workers’ as though freedom is the opposite of prudishness and control by the state, as opposed to freedom from subjugation.

Women believe being anti porn is taking feminism too far - women watch porn too, feminist porn is okay surely, you can’t be totalistic and depriving women of these ’life choices’ you could be suppressing them.

I didn’t know I was anti porn until I saw this play. I knew I was a feminist. Somehow the pro choice thing really gets to me. I don’t see the logic unless it’s all been good fun for everyone. .

Filming sexual violence and sharing it is not fantasy, and if men would find their way to new sex crimes due to lack of porn (!) is that not saying “let us film violence to women, and pass it around or we will rape you more often” - so the sharing around aspect makes it just a fantasy?