Very worried about writing a professional article, don't have the experience or the opinions or the wider knowledge

I’m writing in response to … (i can’t disclose)

I’ve spent half the night and half the day on forums trying to get informed.

I don’t have the right knowledge base. Other examples of articles are so knowledgable and i’m afraid writing from a personal "i am not surprised at these facts now i bother to look them up for this article - it’s something i couldn’t escape even not looking for it’ I don’t know if that is a strong argument.

in fact it sounds pathetic

Do people who write articles rely on having a point of view - the point of view being the important thing?

my important view would only be ‘You can’t escape it’… we’re all involved we all will be involved’

is that a point of view?

What are you going to write about? (btw there is no such thing as wider knowledge. just as there isnt higher logic or lower logic. once youve got good logical arguments they arent any worse than the arguments made by any professor.)

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so - one person’s research experience, talking to people and giving first hand evidence is pretty much the same as anyone else’s? research experience talking to people and first hand evidence

I’m not a pro but isn’t it wrong just to quote what you agree with?

It somewhat is. but if you want to give a point that you agree with yourself (would be funny to have it otherwise, i.e. giving points you dont agree with) it is very fair to cite other people that agree with you too. Although one needs to have atleast one person who disagrees with you or where you give points that contradict your assumption and where you take apart these contradictory points.

It all depends on the topic though. What is it?

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Can you elaborate on this?

okay fine - porn

K, its cool. what are you writing about it exactly? How many people use it and what effect it has on people?

Facts like 20% of porn is child porn.
Facts like young men genuinely thinking that the sex workers wouldn’t get into that field if they didn’t like sex and are paid well
the fact that 8 is not too young for hardcore porn on the playground and you tube is full of 9 y o girls twerking

it’s horrible but it’s not surprising -

the lengths women go through to say it’s all okay

It is in response to a piece of theatre I saw last night.

I haven’t totally formed a point of view

not looking for it i.e. listening to the radio sometimes, sometimes getting into pointless on line arguments with MGTOW and MRA
reading the papers… (not finding porn to watch - not interested) the facts are not shocking
50% of the internet is porn or porn related

Why isn’t it shocking?

and why would ‘pro sex feminism’ fight so hard for this industry?

why would they call themselves pro sex when what happens in porn isn’t sex?

Wow thats intresting. Dont tell me youre going to condemn all of porn though. That wouldnt follow. Back in the days where i still used to watch porn regularly i never even thought of watching 9 year olds. Most of the time i didnt even like 18year olds. For me the female had to be visibly mature and fully developed in order to watch any more of her. But ofcourse im not speaking for everybody. However you should keep in mind that different cultures actually allow to have sexual relationships and marriages with girls who reach their first period. So if you condemn those youre condemning whole religions, cultures and societies. Good luck with that.

What was it about?

What a lot of it is really about ie violence
How if we could live in a world 100% wiped of porn, would you prefer it? Start again in a world of no porn

Celebration of what sex feels like compared with sex depicted on film

As far as I know, when you’re making your arguments in a professional article you should based them on some acclaimed theory, philosophy, and cultural paradigm. Being aware of your background, like the fact that you are speaking from (for example) western, catholic, straight point of view (it could be any other as well) gives a note of seriousness and objectivity to your writing.

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If I would write an article about porn ( I didn’t, but I wrote something about erotics in literature) I would go from a film theory (Google scopophilia- might help you there), then add some psychology ( sexual addiction for example) and feminism ( how can women profit from porn and in what aspects it is dangerous).


@Sarad is very right. I would add from experience, try and to make it objective, without repetition or personal remarks that are extense opinions. It’s a touchy subject, I would try to leave it open for the readers own personal interpretation and ideas.


Ok, now I know you didn’t ask for discussion of the topic, so i’ll try to steer away from that.

Generally when you’re looking at professional articles, the best ones tend to stay away from making outright opinions, because bias will take from an article’s utility.

Obviously the first part of the paper will be introducing the subject, you’ll want to talk about what it is. You’ll want to find supporting articles and documents with facts that help characterize the situation you’d like to highlight, and detail specifics of the subject matter. This is a lot of information and trying to include it directly makes for a very lengthy article you’ll have to source anyway.

To follow this up it’s best to stay as unbiased as possible, because now you’re going to want to discuss the current and potential causes, ramifications and societal influence of the subject matter. It’s not good practice to draw conclusions based on rhetoric, you’re going to want to explain how and why you came to your conclusion. It’s important people are able to follow your thought process, which is why we source our information.

I’m having a heavy symptom day, and going through rough caffeine withdrawals, but I hope I helped in some way. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Much of sex is about violence and domination as well. It’s one of the reasons I prefer to be single.

In postmodernism, its more about perspectives, particularities, fragments and multiple meanings. Don’t worry because you don’t have a ‘definite’ attitude. Who would dare to make it today and not being accused for universalism?

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I thinks it’s more a matter of utility really, excessively biased articles don’t contain useful information.

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Agreed. I made the mistake on writting too many opinionated articles about multiple meanings of certain movies. I was praised for it, but because I was psychotic I hardly agree on any of it now.
Look how things can change. :smile: