Very Paranoid

Last night, I was afraid to take a headaches pill because I was afraid if I did, something bad would happen. It was a specific thing to a specific person but I don’t want to say because I am paranoid even typing this. Is this more OCD or do you have this happen to you too? Also food is starting to not taste like food and I don’t know why.

when I get stressed and my head circus flares up, my senses get scrambled… light is too bright, sound is too loud, food taste metallic and odd, every little thing is a huge thing and it’s all coming in too fast.

Have you been fighting this illness long?

I am unsure what I have. I only just realized I have a mental illness very very recently and I haven’t been to a doctor yet. My mom has noticed and she is worried I am depressed. I don’t know if it is depression or more.

I’ve said this many times… no one can diagnose over the web. I do hope you get to talk to a doc soon and get some clear picture answers into what is happening.

It’s not JUST Schizophrenia that can cause a haywire to the senses,

Psychotic Depression
even some biological illnesses can cause the scramble

I hope you get to talk to a professional doc soon and feel better.

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Thanks very much!

Some physical illnesses can also be a factor. Which is why Psychiatrists are Doctors. Your GP (general practitioner) is usually a good place to start. But they are not specialists and only have some training and some experience in mental health so ask for referrals.

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Hi Grace!
No one here can give a diagnosis-but welcome to the forum!
I would get to your doctor soon~~