Very few people would choose a black sabath record

on the darkest point of the year. Especially not a best hits album. Especially not “moderators gather in the masses, just like witches at black masses” OH LARGER!

Damn fine tune.

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That broke me down again

Pharmacist spreads her lab coat, oh larger

Batman… the main tailer … fear is a tool when you soul hits the light,… its a a warning…this is not digital or binary… take it easy sweet heat… Who Is Polka Dotty and Damned All Over … some little boy that wanted only do art… Do You Want To Play A Game?

Shell we?

Or are you afraid of dreams?

By the way, I stayed in your convention centers. You rooms with six locked doors. Guess, what, I Survived. Will You? Lock me up again, be brave and legalistic, that will save your ass in Hell.

I don’t want a second breakfast even if I do fireworks for hobbits. Currently the boys and girls and I are trying to get over the bridge.

“Run The World You Fools!”

Man I was born and bred on Black Sabbath and nothing gets me going like one of their songs. Jacks me up every time. :metal:

Back to where it all started…

I saw them play this live in 2014. It was epic as ■■■■

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I think we need to mix it up with some Deep Purple…



Totally killer! 1515151515

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