Very dark rant

I found a new attribute to sum up myself; I’m useless. Useless.
I don’t even recognize myself anymore. I’m stuck in time for almost two years, I’m not learning, not improving, I can’t find a job and I can’t study, Im disconnected from my
family, friends and reality of life, I’m in a very
unhealthy relationship, I feel so weak, and my diet is crap, I don’t exercise, I don’t feed
my mind, or my body or my soul, I can’t read, I can’t do anything useful.

Just… I need someone to give the hand and pull me out from the mug but it seems I’m too deep for anyone to reach.
I haven’t seen my psychiatrist for months. I can’t talk to her.
And my kid? He will hate me soon as he get the clue about things.

I’m not posting this in Diagnosed because I’m not sz. Like in the real life, I don’t fit anywhere.
I mean, everybody hates me. Those who maybe don’t they play with me.
I said it, a dark thread. Sorry people.

you atleast have your Husband with you !!!. That is amazing believe me.

I am alone and I know how I felt without my ex-wife and my ex-wife leaving me.

NOTHING To Be Sorry About … ,

I Am Disconnected ,

When I Speak With My Dad He Almosts Fyndes A Way To Get Angry Pretty Much All Tha T(Y)me … ,

I Have Been Plucked From Society ,

I Am At Tha Corner Of Tha Universe … ,

I Tried Twice But STILL Here ,

I Have Downgraded (thankfully) Towards Simplicity … ,

I STILL Care But No One Within My Family Seems To … ,

I AM Schizophrenic and I Relate Completely … ,

I Don’t Know ,

I Fynde You To Be Cool and I Lyke Reading What You Have To Say … ,

Here Is A SonggG For Ya … ,

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I hope you snap out of your ‘funk’, @Sarad

Try making small life changes one step at a time. You are very much liked on this forum for your wit and intelligence. Keep that in mind when you are feeling blue. We can all see your true colors…

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Hate is a very strong word. I don’t think people hate you. You have your own issues but we all have our own ■■■■ to deal with.

You are strong.


you are a very beautiful person and your post shows that completely.

I think you are capable of working out for yourself into something great. !

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I don’t have a husband.

Oh I am sorry, My mistake !!

I like you sarad, your the best!! You make me laugh. I hope you feel better soon. Everything always turns out good. Thats the way things work :smoking: ill be wishing for you to feel good :slight_smile:

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If Thus Really Is Bruce willis I Am Going To Jump Throo A Window … ,

Die Hard Was Cool Dude (!!!)

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You make sense and your words are so wise once I manage to actually read them.
Its ■■■■■■ because I wake up in the morning wanting to go to Disneyland and I until the night I wish to disappear in nothingness.
And that is so every goddamn day.

Think Of Two Differences Of Fright and Such ,

In Your Room Late At Nite , Close Tha Door , and Turn Your Lite Off , Imagine If You Will , Your Windows and Doors Being Bricked and Bricked With Bricks You Will Never Be Able To Get Throo , It Will Feel As If You Are Actually Alive In A Coffin … ,

Which Will Bleed Into A Thot Of Perhaps Waking Up Actually In A Tiny Coffin , Which Would Be Tha Worst … ,

Frightening INDEED … ,

OR As If That Wouldn’t Be Scary ,

Think Of Thus , If You Will … ,


You In Complete Computerized Black , With Nothing To Touch , and Not Knowing If You Are Falling , Flying , Spinning , and Such and Such … ,

You Scream But No Sound Comes Out , You Move But There Is Nothing … ,

Welcome To Paradise … ,

So What Are Your Other Options (???) ,

Well My Dear ,


and You Being Yourself , Perhaps Out There Doing Tha Best You Can … ,

Because Tha Best You Can Is Good Enough …


I like that! Keeping life minimalistic

That’s what my therapist says.
But I’m not doing the best I can…
I was studying to work as professor - now I’m something …let’s just call it a junk.
“Too damn work”, indeed.

I Once Walked Into A Gas Station and There Was A Homeless Guy Talking To Tha Cashier ,

and I Smiled and Said , " Dude Wazzup (!!!) " ,

He Looked At Me Lyke He Was In Serious Trouble ,

I Was Lyke " Do You Smoke ? " ,

He Was Lyke " yeah why do you ask ? " ,

I Was Lyke , " Do You Drink ? " ,

and He Said all Excitedly " Hell Yeah I Do ! " ,

I Grabbed Some Cash Handed It To Him and Said " Get Whatcha Want Yo ! " ,

and THEN As He Was Walking Down Thee Aisle He Turned Around and Says Proudly and Loudly ,

" I Knew Jesus Was Real ! " ,

Still Makes Me Chuckle … ,

We Can’t Do Stuff Lyke That All Tha T(Y)me But When Tha T(Y)me Is Rite You Will Know … ,

Jus Thot I’d Share Thus Mini Story …


That’s a beautiful story.

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Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be Perfect … ,

Jus Sayin , Cause I Don’t Know Your Situation Completely …

Some of the folks here knows it… I just thought its nothing nice to share a details.

But…you have a good heart.Enormously good heart.

You Are Too Kind ,

So With That Said ,

You have A Beautifully Dark Kind Heart …

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