Very concerned about "South Park" TV show

Yes I know "South Park is a cartoon show on Comedy Central. I usually enjoy it. The episode I watched the other night rather disturbed me. It was about a home shopping network that rips off senile senior citizens. Yes that is terrible if its true The premise perturbed me. What was most disturbing was how the characters told the host to kill himself. Please note I am no way sympathetic for cheating anyone. My concern was someone who is suicidal or leaning toward suicide c ould be pushed over the edge. I am not suicidal myself I am concerned for those who are. OTOH do you think I’m being just an over concerned worry wort? Please let me know Thanks.


In our lifetime we will see suicide mentioned in the media occasionally and there’s nothing we can do about it. We can’t let it get to us. The word will be joked about and disrespected and tossed around frivolously. No, you’re not being overly concerned but it’s upon us to get used to it. But this is how it is in the world.

leave it to “south park” to upset someone…it’s notorious for that. sorry you were upset.

I rather enjoyed their Scientology episode. Betting the Scientologists didn’t and I’m okay with that.


There have long been literature and movies as shocking as South Park. The novel “Candide” by Voltaire made centuries ago was like something out a South Park script. As disturbing as South Park is it’s really nothing new. I don’t think it’s a healthy show for the mentally ill to watch either. By the way the plot you described probably does happen in real life as the elderly with dementia are a very vulnerable population and some people have no qualms about taking advantage of them. And yes I’ve even heard of family members trying to convince their elderly relatives to kill themselves. If you are easily disturbed by what you see then don’t watch South Park. I would say watch Disney movies but the movie “Inside Out” reminded me of my breakdown when I first got sick. In a way I was fascinated with it at the same time but it was tough to watch.

Yes. I spent the evening explaining to my father-in-law – AGAIN – that he should never take any advertisment he sees on Facebook seriously, nor should he ever purchase from them.


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