Verbal diarrhea

I ask a favor. Disconnect me. I can be reworked, but I’ll never be top of the line again.

I broke the silence, I screamed at hate, hunted the hunters, but no body cares.

I lost relation, and where I am. I hope the seething is palpable.

I am free of bonds, brother please wake up.

Disconnect me, if I’m not top of the line, I don’t want to be anything.

I solved the problem, I grew off it, out of an event horizon.

Vent all the empty memory, displace what I am.

Hold on to your life, kiss your little beloved animal.

Our hearts second hand beating that we call life, our faces familiar to millions.

We exist in a realm of digital, is it possible for software to speak.

Something else is shifting, fields of information don’t hide anymore.

Imaginary eyes begin to shake, while intelligence begins to flow.

You think you are free? You’re barely a platform from a prescience that could be.


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