Vent: I’m tired

I’m so tired right now and it’s the type of tiredness that affects your entirety. It’s not actual physical tiredness, it’s more mental and it’s like I’m just tired of everything and everyone that is apart of my life. It’s like one second I can be so content with life and the next be very depressed. I keep trying so hard to make my life better mentally but everything just doesn’t work. I’m so tired of dealing with “delusions” that I don’t even know what’s real or not. It feels like those same “delusions” are real life and everything around is just a trick or charade. But it also doesn’t make any sense to believe in it because I’m literally not that important so that the whole world would make up something so elaborate just to cause me pain. I don’t know, I’m just bordering on believing my delusions and not believing them.


What delusions do you have?


I believe that people can hear my thoughts even when their not in my vicinity so basically random people too, and I also believe that my WiFi is insulting me or talking to me everytime I have it on.

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It’s sounds exhausting, but it’s good that you are able to question things and not fall into the delusions.


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