@velociraptor is it possible to pm you

Hi @ozymandias is it possible to pm you that asking about couple of subjects relating to cbt

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Only if you have tasty ankles, then he’ll hear you out.


Lol i thought that its only metaphor…hopefully😄

It is a very important requirement

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I prefer to keep recovery discussions public so that all users can benefit from them TBH.


i have couple of question if you don t mind.i have couple of trauvma from my teenager years and this trauma satisfy to all criteria for ptsd syndrome.thanks to my ads and aps i have minimal anxiety related to those traumas.but i think i have to work on these issues with use of cbt.my questions is have you got or advice any source of cbt for ptsd

@ozymandias ?

Hey @anon68444330 . I appreciate your enthusiasm for trying cbt but please don’t harass about your questions. If he chooses to answer he will. Give him some time. spamming him notifications about your questions is a bit rude. I’m sure he saw the first one.

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Ok i m sorry.whatever.thanks for your help both of you guys.forgive my rudeness.i thought he missed the post because sometimes its happen but this is my fault.sorry again.good bye

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Hey. I didn’t mean to chase you off. No reason to say goodbye. Just thought you should give him time to answer rather than bombarding him with requests.

I’m traveling and don’t have access to a computer for a couple of days.

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Ok thank you for kind reply and if i offended you with any mean i m really sorry.i m just so excited about cbt because its SO MUCH promising therapy for me but if i offended you i m really sorry again.i didn t want to be rude

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