Vegan sweet potato and black bean enchiladas

The filling is sweet potatoes, onion, yellow squash, and black beans. I even made the sauce from scratch! I got so much accomplished today! Five hours of class, grocery shopping, homework, and dinner! It’s amazing what I can do when I actually sleep the night before. I think I’m going to take melatonin pretty consistently for a while.


I’m amazed but have to ask you how old you are, if it’s not a secret.

Sounds like something my mom would love :grin: She’s a vegan as well

I’m not a vegan, but I do love their food. And @chordy, I’m 28.


@sigarino, you were asking about vegan food, right?

yes that looks nice

wait you know where to pick wild sweet potatoes? how did you manage pick it only once its fallen off its vine… it looks good though…

I plucked it straight from its natural habitat. This is how they grow, right?


I will give you foot massages and buy you chocolate if you will marry me and make me your wonderful food !! haha

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