Vaping helps reverse smoking harm - asthma expert

Professor Polosa, from the University of Catania in Italy, is visiting Massey’s Auckland and Wellington campuses, where he will present on his research trialling e-cigarettes with smokers who have chronic respiratory illnesses. He has also conducted a trial on people with schizophrenia switching from smoking tobacco to vaping


Sti fecks up your lungs.


So inhaling basically welding fumes that taste like fruity pebbles is still more healthy than cigs?

Sadly sounds legit…


Thanks for the article. I have copd. Yet I’ve heard vaping might cause “popcorn lung”. It’s hard to know for sure which is worse smoking or vaping. Different doctors and different articles have different slants on this subject.

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The flavors can be harmful, just vape vg and nic, no flavors. Prob safer

Yeah. I vape unflavoured 100%vg. No problems after years of use.

Who said that vaping is worse than smoking? :confused:

I think it’s important to use ceramic coils to stay safe too. Dry hits with cotton is prob bad

So pretty much me smoking like 3-4 mini cigars a day is cancelled out by how healthy vaping is making me :wink:


@zeno my pulmonologist said they don’t know which is worse yet, hasn’t been studied long enough. I’ve read articles saying both ways, better or worse. This is first article I’ve read that suggests it might actually reverse damage.