Vaping (ecig) tricks video

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Omg, that is amazing! My dad used to blow rings, but this guy is the best!

I just picked up a couple packs of smokes. 2.50 a pack for the suckers I smoke. The cheap vile stuff you know. I’m sick of the e-cig and I have nostalgia of the fall smoking butts on my front porch and driveway. I reckon if I just changed my filter, the e-cig’s “magic” would come back, but regardless, I’m easy to give in to nostalgia and some of my best nostalgia these days is from my days of smoking in the fall weather.

Summer it’s too hot and winter it’s too cold. Spring I’m still heating up from the winter. Fall feels just right.

Don’t sweat it, man. I get mine Camel’s 75 cents off with a dollar off coupon, and I think it comes to about $4.25 a pack. The packs I get come with the coupon inside, so now they got me hooked.

There’s worse things I can be doing.

I think back and wish I could cut ONE substance out of my life. If I had never smoked tobacco I wouldn’t look some rugged and beat-up in the face. If I had never smoked weed, I would’ve saved psychosis, lifestyle changes, and tons of money. If I had never done hallucinogens I would’ve saved baddd psychosis and wasting my time chasing something that doesn’t exist. If I had never drank, well I would look a lot younger and more innocent and countless other things. I wish I could cut out ONE of the four. And my life would be infinitely times better. Whichever one of those 4 that is, it doesn’t matter. But oh well.

Now I’ve cut out three of the four but I have all these regrets.

Yeah, my daughter tells me, “Mom, just don’t say you’re gonna quit,” it gets tiring for her, but she’s right, I’m in a phase right now, one I hope to come out of, but it’s not fair to keep playing games with myself and those around me, I’m just gonna drink and smoke.

It’s okay. i get too depressed in the mornings after drinking I just don’t wanna do it anymore. That’s what keeps me from it. Trying to be mindful.

I’ve become more cognitive of symptoms when they appear as I’ve gotten older that now I can identify that I’m depressed when I am and its helped. I used to just meander around this Earth as an angry heap of mess, and that wasn’t healthy. I figure mindfulness is the #1 thing that’s going to help me.

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