Vaping CBD

Has anybody tried caping CBD oil. Does it work?


How old are u and where r u from…!!!

im 35 from the UK

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Has vaping helped u against sz symptoms…!!!

ive not tried vaping before thats why i was asking

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A few people here have tried it. It didn’t have any lasting effects for them. I suspect their initial results were strictly the placebo effect. You need something like 1500 mg/day for it to work as an antipsychotic.

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There have been studies saying cbd helps with cognition. Cognition is a factor for many szs whether it is due to the illnes or the meds congnitively slowing them.

Most people reported it don’t help much with sz symptoms though.

Vaping is 30% more effective than oral ingestion of cbd in absorbtion to the blood.

It made my heart races terrible, but that could have been the risperidone I take.

Try it though, you may like it.

It still has thc in it though, just in smaller amounts.

I’ve tried vaping CBD but it didn’t really have an impact on me.

how much mg was the cbd

300mg 15151515151

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I have. I prefer taking it in capsule form every morning. It’s a lot easier to take that way.

Really? I didn’t know that. I don’t have any vaping hardware.

The take up bioavailability from vaping is more effective than oral as the digestion takes away its viability.
“Bioavailability: The bioavailability of orally-administered CBD is considered extremely low (around 6%). If you smoke cannabidiol, the bioavailability increases to over 30% and if you utilize an intranasal preparation, bioavailability may reach nearly 50%. However, since many people are using oral preparations of CBD, the bioavailability is low and will require a high dose.”


Interesting thanks

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