Vape shop owner likes me now

I started to go to his shop at 18…then I came down with psychosis (he didn’t know but saw something was different about me) and he became very rude to me. He’s still a douche, and going to his store for 8 years doesn’t hurt my cause for him liking me, but, at least he’s nice to me now and very pleasant. I went to two vape shops (the close one is the one im talking about here) and he didn’t have what I was looking for, so I went to the far one, but he was very polite. He could see my improvement and maturation if nothing else. A testament of my recovery is how this guy has changed in treating me.


Anyone else have someone who was rude to you during psychosis and polite now that you’re recovering?

My mom :confounded:

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My dad, sister and her boyfriend too! Forgot to think about family. My mom was always understanding of me even if we clashed at times

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They said I was already dead

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