Vape help💨

Soo… I need advice on a vape to purchase.

I currently use the Smok Novo 4… they market it like it doesn’t leak… well I’ve determined that’s a lie… besides that it works fine tho…

Anybody use a vape that doesn’t leak?

Everything Smok I’ve had has leaked.

Not the best, but the most leak proof have been the little cheapies.

That’s my experience anyway.

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I recently tried the vuse stick have you heard of it? @Human

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I have not… I’ll have to look it up

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I exclusively use Innokin T20 S and Prism. They don’t leak and are super easy to use.

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This os the one I am using right now, my own is purple and is charging. This is my husband’s. I own like 3.


I prefer any vape mod that is top loading it makes it pretty much impossible for the tank to leak unless something breaks or cracks

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Cool :sunglasses:

I’ll have to look em up

You should. Its a great vape. Not too expensive and coils come in a 5 pack, like $10 or $12. Each coil lasts about 2 weeks, more if you aren’t a heavy vaper.

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