Vape coil. Burnt i hope not

I think I just burned out coil. I have an innokin endura t20. I keep smoking it when the battery is half charged. I smoke it when it’s charging. Any opinions?

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I use an innokin too. I have to say it’s hit and miss with coils. Some coils seem to last 2 weeks and others are useless after a few days.

I use an isubG tank. I don’t know if they’re the same coils that you use though.

That shouldn’t make any difference.

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Hmm a hit and miss. Maybe I should look into another mod.

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Smok alien 151515

When you install a coil you want to prime the coil (put a little juice down the center of the coil and on the outer wick slots). Don’t put too much juice when priming or you’ll flood (more juice than the wattage can heat) the coil.

Once the coil is installed you want the airflow fully open and set the wattage 10 watts below recommended wattage (this minimizes the risk of burning your coil). What you’re actually burning is the wick (cotton). Your coil will have a burnt taste if any part of the cotton burns. This is called a “hot spot.”

All coils will burn sooner or later, but mesh (a metal screen that evenly distributes heat to the wick (cotton)) coils will last the longest before burning.


I bought my t20 coils week ago. I took the coil out and it did not look burnt in the holes. I don’t know if I should put a little juice on the circular part at top.

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I put two three drops I. The top and it works good.

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