Van's Warped Tour

Since we talked about emo kids yesterday,

Lets talk about Van’s Warped Tour today.

Has anyone been?

What was your experience?

Who did you see?

My sister was an emo kid and I took her a couple years in a row.

And I went another year to see a friend preform.

(He ended up being in my wedding party about 5 years later)

Anyway, I know it was popular, don’t know if it still is.


Never heard of that either… I had a couple pair of Vans growing up but I used to race BMX so put to practical use. I liked the black and white checkered ones. I take it this is a music venue. I don’t think that one comes by here.

In New Orleans we get Jazz Fest and Voodoo Fest every year. The Chili peppers do Jazz Fest all the time. I have seen them more times than I cared too. The last time I went to Voodoo Fest I saw Ozzy and Janes Addiction.

Great show.

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I went to warped tour 2x lol

I know I say Mayday Parade perform, I believe I also saw All Time Low, Say Anything, Ludo, Greeley Estates… not sure who else off the top of my head.

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I had to google it as I had not heard of it before this.

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All i remember seeing is haste the day i dont remember the names of the other bands

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I love haste the day! My fave album is attack of the wolf king. So much heart!


I like the one with the bird skeleton on it

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