Vampire Movies


After a terrible week of letting myself down, smoking some weed after not taking any drugs in 3 years,having a party of the dead whispering around me, being paranoid that they might get me ive decided its time to partake in a vampire movie. I have abused and let myself down, I hate who ive become.

Its my dream to be a vampire as they are already dead, but at the same time living, I dont think they would have sz.

Ive seen the following movies.

-Interview with a vampire
-let the right one in

Do you know any other good ones…


I was going to say “Let The Right One In”,

As that is clearly the best vampire movie ever.

But here’s a classic,



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I love Let the Right One In. It’s the only love story movie that I really like.

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The fearless vampire killers. It’s a mix of light comedy and vampires. It has the late Sharon Tate in it, my favorite actress.

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Let the right one in was pretty awesome. I saw the European version but not the American version. The advertisement turned me off.

Another good one is Byzantium 2012.

There was a good 80’s one that had David Bowie in it.

I think the title of it is the Hunger.

It’s pretty good, I don’t remember much about the plot though.

I’m crazy about Only Lovers Left Alive.

The Lost Boys is good, cheesy fun.

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When I was a kid, I loved the series, “Chiller”, and the soap opera about vampires, I forgot the name of it. Anyway, I was in love with vampires and vampire movies and books and I was also scared to death of them. I went to bed with a cross around my neck and a Bible under my pillow and I was still so scared I couldn’t sleep.

If you want a hilarious one, try What We Do In The Shadows…

Salems lot. By Stephen king

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I would rather be bitten by a vampire than ever smoke crack again.

This is an indie movie about a guy who is slowly turning into a vampire, and at first he doesn’t understand what is happening to him. Early on, he avoids day light, and starts becoming active only at night. Eventually a weird hunger starts to grow in him, and he tries to satisfy it with all sorts of gross things until he starts to realize that he is becoming a vampire…

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