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Do you think the Vikings also made it to America

  • Yes they even fought with Natives
  • No they are lost at sea, lost vikings
  • Yes but they arent cool
  • No there are other options, Nfl Nba so on…

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I know they made it to America, we have proof. I don’t know if they fought natives, though.

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who would??? How much do you know, about it???15

There is proof they made it to America and assimilated with Native culture, but no evidence on whether or not they ever fought. There were tribes of blonde haired, blue eyed Native Americans who had viking ancestors.

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The vikings made it to Greenland and the Labrador peninsula. It’s all I can remember from my high school history class.

They also had expeditions in the Mediterranean Sea and along the Western coast of Africa.

They did. They were an amazing civilisation. They were just a bunch of savages.

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