VALeNtInEs DaY tHREAD :: for the LOnely 🤣


theres someone for everyone buddy!


Nah you’re not cursed. You’re a good looking dude. Just go on a dating site and get a steady job. Chicks will dig you. A teacher once told me I’d never get married and so far he’s right. Maybe I’m the one that’s cursed. Don’t worry though things will be alright for both of us.



“I love you more than I love pasta.
Please don’t eat off my plate though.”
- @oolaloola


I’m single, but I’m deathly allergic to milk chocolate


Damn that sucks man !!


I’m still waiting my young neighbor to knock on my door and ask me out :smile:


lol im lactose intolerant so no milk chocolate for me :frowning:


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nova you changed your pic!


I’m lactose intolerant too! Haven’t drank milk for years now.


I sure did! I felt like a change for some reason


I will spend Valentine’s dinner with my Mom like I’ve done so many years before. I used to be ashamed of it but there’s something about this illness that makes it impossible to be successful at being sociable at the level of dating or sexual contact. I used to smile at the money I saved on Valentine’s Day or try to feel better about being alone but I just simply accept it as reality now. It’s neither terrible or wonderful. It’s just my life.


Well, at least you’ll be having a good dinner if nothing else. Nothing to be ashamed of. I went with my parents to Olive Garden yesterday. That is as close to a Valentine’s date as i’ll get this year.


good thing about Valentines Day: I’m making smoked bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, and grilling up some burgers. Should be a good day after all


OMGERD… invite me! I love those bacon wrapped Jalapeno poppers! Hah I’m kidding of course, you don’t have to invite me… :frowning: Send them through fedex instead :slight_smile:



I lol’d at this! 151415


I have a date with food shopping now :slight_smile:
… Just some coconut sugar
… Homemade sauces taste manky without sugar


haha I’ll report back and tell ya how they were…it’s my first time making them