Vaccine screening question: "taking any meds?"

Me: “nope!”

True story

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What outfit use that line

I think its a standard question any public health agency asks…

I’ve been asked what meds I am taking for both first and second doses. I fully disclosed, no issues other than they were more concerned about my blood thinners than anything else.

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You’re a genius!

I should of said “im letting the government inject me with a high tech chemical of course im on meds!” Then when she said ok what medication are you on?, everything would have become clear.

I’ve had two Moderna shots, and I wasn’t asked about medications either time.

I was asked, both times, if I had any allergies.

I was asked if I am taking meds at the Pfizer vaccination site by the nurse. I said schizophrenia meds, blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds.

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