Using New Pilates Bar with Straps

ive been lazy and need a way to move and lose some weight. before pandemic, i had lost about 20 pounds and also went from being pre-diabetic to normal blood sugar range, so I had successfully escaped a diabetic onset…then the pandemic and i gained a bunch of weight.

I’m nervous ill go back to being pre-diabetic, so I am trying to exercise and eat healthier. I got a pilates bar with resistance straps and foot loops to use and I like it because i can stand up and use it, or sit on my bed watching youtube videos and just use it to tone my arms. There are videos I follow on youtube showing how
I can also use it to tone thighs etc…my arms are sore so that’s good!

Also got a toaster oven so I can bake vegetables. I just made eggplant with pepperjack cheese and spices on top and it tasted very good! labor intensive though ugh such dishes much washing ugh


Good for you. I started with a simple fitness tracker and I’ve built up to doing really good exercise daily. I’ve lost weight and feel way better physically and mentally as well. Keep on keeping on and well done to you.

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