Using creativity to overcome negativity

When I was a teenager, my mother came home form the doctor, all excited about putting me on a diet to lose weight. My response was all negative. I didn’t want to go on a diet at all. So, all we did was struggle with unwillingness. Later, I learned to make the diet foods more interesting by using spices, etc. It made the idea of dieting a creative challenge and I became successful. Just saying being creative can stop negativity in its tracks.


nice post @chordy


I’m also doing the same to overcome negativity in life. I use my thoughts to be more productive.

I came back in writing poems. I’m also writing back in my journal whatever I’m feeling to release negative vibes. Besides that, I continue to draw what I love. Hopefully, I am able to post my stories soon too! :relieved:

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I make music to overcome the stresses of life

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