Using beer desperately as self medication

Before I got diagnosed and went on medication I would only drink rarely with friends, but after they put me on drugs I’ve been drinking beers regular to calm down the brain.

I know it’s the zyprexa that put my mind in a constant “on” mode. I can’t sleep at all in the daytime, not really relax either. I’m also struggling with insomnia which also is med related. Beer is the only thing that really helps noticeable.

I don’t want to drink, but I’m desperate. I gave up drinking regular beers. Now I only drink low percentage 2.5% beer. I’m not looking to get drunk. Just relax the mind a little. I’m wondering if there can be other things in the beer besides alcohol that helps me relax. Hops is one thing, but it also came to my attention that beer contains uridine which can be calming. I ordered a uridine supplement and hoping to replace beer with that.

Hopefully i will get off zyprexa at some point and this wont be a problem anymore. The other drugs i tried like latuda and seroquel doesen’t make my mind restless like zyprexa. Going to try switch to seroquel soon.

Doctors refuse to give me sleep meds or tranquillisers by the way because of interaction risks.

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I’ve seen people saying seroquel knocks them out, so they sleep a lot. Maybe it would help your insomnia.


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