Using all my strength to sit still

I just want to run out… get to a bus stop or out among the people and tell them…

It’s all OK. Eventually it will all be Ok. Yes life is hard… but there are times of celebration as well.

We are all connected. Plants connect to each other through their roots. If we just get back to nature a bit, not fully… not trying to live like Adam and Eve in the corner park… but just get away from the constant hum of the electric toys and look up and see the nature around us… imagine.

You don’t need an app to tell you what the weather is like outside… go outside… just stand in the the nature… for a moment and let the mind connect…

Life is hard… but it can be celebrated too…

Being lost is just part of the process… just like being found. It will all be OK.

Thank you for letting me get that out of my head here on the nice safe forum and not grab the people waiting for the bus outside… all buried in their phones… only a small plastic box connecting them to the outside world.

Basically sitting on my hands trying not to disrupt the morning routine of others.


Do you have a psychiatric emergency assessment & advisory service you can contact?

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Wow… Yes.

I didn’t think of that though. I’m calling my doc as soon as his office opens in an hour.

Please don’t worry. I have a safety net… and I still realize the only way to stand on water is on a surf board.

I won’t accost strangers or shout it to the heavens. I’m just burning it off here for a bit.

Physically I’m so tired… but my mind feels on fire… it just keeps catching fire.

Thank you for the shout out… I’m working on getting through my day with as little incident as possible.

It’s weird feeling this run down physically and this alive mentally. Mind and body are living separate lives right now. My sis will be back from where she went in 20 minutes or so. I’ll be OK. It will all be Ok.


J I would try to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible - even today. I am not a doctor but it sounds like full blown Mania.
If you wait till Wednesday the Mania can accelerate and get completely out of hand and this might mean a stay in the hospital for a while and emergency medications to bring you down from the high.
Not trying to put fear into your heart, it is just better to play it real safe when it comes to Mania -
One can become psychotic and destructive while experiencing a Manic high - stay safe and try as difficult as it may be, to remain in a calm and quiet atmosphere - try to say away from anything stimulating - not too much caffeine as well


I’ve thought that. Go out and feel it raining. In a way we’re the beginning of a Ray Bradbury story.

That’s as far as I read. Sorry, I kind of hijacked your post. Hope you’re planted on the ground again soon. Hopefully a tweak of your meds will do it.

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Oh, J, I’m so sorry that you’re feeling so restless. I hope you can get help soon and feel better. Feel free to rant and rave as much as you want if it helps you, and remember you can always talk to me if you need to.

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ok…i’m worried now. ur bouncing off the walls here. get riley to call your pdoc as soon as they open and get something to bring you back down. it does sound like psychotic mania to me…not that i’m an expert but you obvs need help and yoour pdoc is the only person that can give it to you right now. let us know how you get on and what they advise. wishing you well hunni. xxxx


what you say is true…
but this is what i say to my dog… i’m now going to say to you;
" stay, sit "
" stay, sit…don’t move "
" who’s a good boy "
take care mr bond and kidsister.


@Dreamscape… thank you for that cold splash of keeping it real

@Wave… thank you always for the sage advice and cool wisdom

@pob … thank you for understanding and I’m a Ray Bradbury fan too.

@RowanAmethyst … Thank you for the reach out and open ear

@jaynebeal Thank you always for the no-nonsense tack that you take… There are times I wish I had your balls and could just call it like I see it.

@darksith Thank you for the smile… humor is uplifting and grounding at the same time…

I’m starting to get a little more back in my head… Feeling so much better after my 20 hour nap.

I find… I’m fighting off the flu.


Sending positive vibes your way. Hope you’re back on track soon. :smile:



Wish I’d thought of it a few days ago for you. But my local number is on my fridge to remind me normally but currently have no fridge. Am glad you come down to earth to join us lowly mortals without a huge crash. But now focus on lots of rest and fluids for fighting the flu. Get well soon.

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