USB Ports Causing Problems

So I bought a new used computer, while trying to get my pic’s off my old computer I discovered it is the USB ports that are causing all the problems, they don’t connect things properly, I’m wondering if resetting windows will help?

I have to use a old style keyboard, not USB, and my portable hard drive would not work, I found one USB port that worked on the front of the computer

Nothing to do with mental illness, other than driving me crazy :crazy_face:

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Sounds like a hardware problem.

You might need to buy a “usb hub” on . You can plug the usb hub into your remaining good usb port. Then plug other things into the usb hub.


Check the cable, if one USB works, others should work too, unless there is a mechanical problem like destroyed contacts,

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Was going to reset windows once I get all my stuff off it, will retire it if window thing does not work

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If it were me i would take the back off the machine and see if they are covered in crud. You can easily get a plugin 4 port card from amazon. I would go for an internal PCI Card.

Other than that - I assume you checked the drivers are installed in device manager - they usually have native win10 support?
If you got no needed data - i would reinstall win10 first.

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I cleaned everything awhile back , so should be ok clean wise

You might have to replace the case. Reinstalling Windows will not solve your problem and will be just a waste of time for you.

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OK was not sure about that, I did get a new used computer from a guy who builds them so working on the switch. might let windows reset just to clean the old one out

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I reset my computer and wiped everything out, so far so good


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