US to create 'unit' aimed at tackling domestic terrorism | DW | 11.01.2022

I mean you could say the exact same thing about the vaccines. This is a new virus, new treatments, and we just have to base our decisions on the information we have available.

The advent of the internet has made it possible for domestic terrorists to quickly and easily communicate with each other.

I just so happened to receive a letter from my Homeowners’ Association (HOA) (every owner received the letter) saying that they have adopted a flag policy, and it is now written in the Association’s By-laws.

The letter said that flags, (I don’t have a flag) especially socio-political flags, are causing fights and violence between neighbors. Consequently, only the following flags are permitted: American flag, official state of Florida flag, and POW/MIA flag. A homeowner who flies any other flag will be fined.

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The law of large numbers tells us the vaccines are safe and effective given the number of doses administered at this time. They also seem to protect against serious illness with Omicron. The fastest way back to a semblance of normalcy is either of these:

  1. Mandatory vaccinations for all.
  2. Optional vaccinations, but exclusion from triage protocols when health system under duress.

The primary reason for lockdowns is to prevent health systems from becoming overwhelmed. Everyone being vaccinated would alleviate that. Alternately, those who refuse a jab are put to the very back of the line in the triage process so that cancer patients, heart patients, and accident vicitms get the timely care they need. If this kills off some anti-vaxxers, oh well. It was their choice.

I’m firmly pro vaccination and not really against or fully decided regarding vaccine mandates or vaccine passports. I’m just saying this is a risk vs. benefit evaluation on both sides, without unknown long-term effects. Caution is warranted but neither the vaccines nor COVID, at this point, appear to be particularly risky considering long-term effects.


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too bad they prob wouldn’t hire me. I am studying social work and human services/re-taking the class. If i had a career i would love to be a mediator or someone who is able to resolve conflicts between groups of people or organizations…I think i would be good at negotiating peace deals and saving lives…thats sort of my dream job…