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I would like to express my concern for SSDI benefit recipients if Mrs. Clinton is elected to office. As the last bit of the ‘social safety net’, SSDI/SSI, becomes almost impossible to fund due to shady federal govt spending/dirty deals and growing impoverishment of the US taxpayer base, I think Mr. Clinton’s previous SLASH/BURN tactic to cut govt spending on ‘welfare’ could be used again. I feel very strongly this is a possibility due to some very dirty politics working in Arkansas & worsening sadistic reaction to stigma of mental illness…

I’m doing my best to be employable soon…I passed my 10-year SSDI review with ‘my problem continues’ but I still think it very important to advise focus for all victims to self-direct toward employability & even self-study toward desired work & be ready for changes…It is possibility to return to SSDI if you try to work full-time & leave a job for medical reasons like hostile work environment due to ‘social problems’/coworkers who disapprove of social stigma of mental illness victims working in their company…

It is totally possible to request ‘reasonable accommodations’ if you work in white-color jobs to work at home if some of the other coworkers try being crazy alot instead of focusing on work tasks & change to your hours if you are suffering from the insomnia. It could be possible to seek clerical positions not even working with the public in the old ‘affirmative action’ style. Just be ready and speak up at once…put away the video games and TV. Work on concentrating even if you have to start with magazine/internet articles to concentrate…Know a lot of people engage in ‘gang stalking’ to deal with their schizo-symptoms – following orders from voices to verbally harass specific strangers about private stuff/stalk them, date specific people, vandalize stuff, mess with coworkers and trespass…Read up on this by google so you will be okay…

I strongly recommend you exercise ‘free will’ where demands from the voices are concerned – aka gang stalking. There is no requirement to participate in stalking or verbally harassing strangers, no matter what threats the voices levy.


Kinda confused here…“gangstalking” isn’t a way to deal with SZ symptoms, has nothing to do with hearing voices saying to act that way…?
Do you think you’re a victim of gangstalking, or just an unwilling participant in it?
Curious at what you get threatened with? How high are the stakes?
Don’t most people participate because they otherwise have an unfulfilling troubled life and they get some sort of thrill by “only doing what they were ordered to do” so they escape feeling responsible for their spineless actions?

SSDI is not the same as welfare. People earned their benefits by paying into the Social Security fund, welfare recipients recieve a free handout, paid for by those who work hard and pay taxes.

Why is it politicians will threaten to stop SSI/SSDI payments, but never talk about cutting welfare?

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You know what i haven’t seen in awhile? Big league chew.

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I have paid into the social security system for years while I was working. I agree with you @csummers - social security is not a disaster, some conservative politicians associate social security with welfare. This is wrong. I am not totally against welfare also - I think it depends on the situation - individual needs.

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I agree.
But why cut social security to those who paid into it when the problem with lack of funds stems from politicians using it for their own wants and not for what it was intended.
Those on welfare can work, unlike those disabled, state run child care would be cheaper than keeping them dependant by not letting them work.
I get very angry when I know we never could aford kids because we “made too much money” while these baby mills get paid to stay home and breed.

I totally agree with this statement

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