US Congress doubles down on funding for psychosis treatment, but still a long road ahead

Buried within the $1.1 trillion, 2,000 page spending bill that congress passed on Friday is a $50 million allocation to early treatment programs – expressed as a 10% “set aside” of the state Mental Health Block Grant to states.

That may feel like chump change amid a gargantuan piece of legislation, but importantly, it represents a doubling of last year’s first time allocation, and will aid in more young people getting help earlier across the nation.

Other highlights include:

$2 billion for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment.
$511 million to states for mental health services (known as the Mental Health Block Grant), a $50 million increase from 2015.
$150 million for the BRAIN Initiative, a $85 million increase from 2015.
$50 million for Primary Care-Behavioral Health Integration, helping to co-locate mental health care with other medical services.
$47 million for the National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative.
$15 million for Mental Health First Aid training.



good move :smiley:

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Wish I could follow that money to where I live
and see where it goes…

that’s encouraging news. Maybe we can get the club house set back up at my local clinic finally.

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