Us and the animals

The animals are stuck here because they are dumb. They pump more out without thought or question.

People are stuck here because they are smart. They know they’d be crazy and stupid to even try such a thing alone.

Only one thing left to do.

We must build a death star and light it up.

Who’s with me?! Let’s go everybody!

It’s the only way! Let’s go!

Say it with me! Death star! Death star! Death star! Death star! Death star! Death star! Light it up!

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It’s funny most animals don’t have sexual pleasure.

We do because the ones that did were only ones who reproduced. Due to our intelligence, those who realized how ducking terrible life was probably wouldn’t want to bring another into the mix.

Human stupidity. We’re suckers for pleasure.

True, much of the time it is only for pleasure.

But could you have done it alone and would you?

Could get a bit hairy, a bit dangerous. No night watchmen, you would be your own doctor, your own inventor, lumberjack, construction crew, all of it would just be you. That might get sticky as you got older, really really sticky.

Maybe it’s both, trapped and put way to many here because of pleasure.

No breaks whatsover either.

No sick days at all, if you get sick then get your ass back to work, no rest in the least if you were here alone.

If you broke or injured your ankle then get back to work.

You’d be your own chef as well, your own farmer.

Things could get hairy.

Lol I’ve had similar thoughts often.