Urination Burns and Urine Is Red

Hey when i urinate now it hurts and sometimes my urine is red. What could it be


When that happens to me it’s a UTI but always consult a specialist , preferably a urologist.


I think you should take enough water(8 glasses a day is minimum). Enough water in the body means urine is white. If even after this the urine is red, you should consult a good Urologist.

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If it’s red it’s probably blood. Please see a doctor cause it could be any number of problems.

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Ya please see a doctor that doesn’t sound good at all


Most likely a urinary tract infection. It could also be an STI though.

Go to the doctor, if it’s a uti, it could get into your kidneys and that would be bad. If it’s an STI it also needs treatment.


Does it burn when you urinate?
Could be a Uti - it needs to be treated.
See a doctor.

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Most likely a uti. You can go into a minute clinic and they can prescribe you some antibiotics and you’ll be good to go.

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it could be uti or kidney infection. You need to see a doctor about it to be sure though.

Btw, if you develop a fever or back/side pain, that is an emergency requiring an ER visit.

You could have a bad urinary tract infection. But, it could be something worse, so please go see your medical doctor. And drink lots of fluids in the meantime.

Immediately go to dr and get them to help you is what I think you should do.

They may give you medication and tests.

Wishing you well yo.


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Schedule an appointment with your doctor. If it gets too painful before your appointment, there’s always the emergency room.

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Bad urinary tract infection, probably. Please go see your medical doctor. Drink lots of fluids in the meantime. Especially clear fluids.

See a doctor. Sounds like an infection. Drink cranberry juice.

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Only time this happens to me is with kidney stones. But there is usually massive pain involved.

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Did you get a medical checkup?

Get urine tested. This can be from bladder infection, kidney stones, sometimes cancers. Any inflammation of the lining of urethra, bladder could do that. An evaluation typically begins with a history of the problem, a physical exam and a simple urinalysis.

man i dont have insurance and a urologist would be expensive. Could i go to quick clinic

Probably. You shouldn’t mess around with this. Go, pee in a cup. They’ll probably give you antibiotics and you’ll be OK. But don’t leave it, you could become seriously ill.