Urinary incontinence issue

Since I was put on antipsychotics I got the issue of urinary incontinence. It was not too bad, just happened when I sneezed. However recently it became worse as I stopped taking Sarcosine yesterday. I had been taking Sarcosine for 7 days and found that I was extremely tired in the evening. So I stopped taking it yesterday and tried to see if I was as tired as before. Obviously I was much less tired yesterday evening. But here comes a new problem–my incontinence became worse!

I was wondering if Sarcosine strengthens the muscle movement!

I took Sarcosine again this morning but reduced the dose. Took just about 1g rather than 2g. Today I walked to the grocery store again and found the incontinence problem has improved.

İ used to have this issue when i was on clozaril.

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I’m glad sarcosine helps. Maybe I’ll look into trying it. I have issues with leakage. I started having problems when I started menopause about 12 years ago, then exercised my way out of the problem. But as I’ve aged the problem as slowly creeped its way back in. Usually a sneeze, cough or laugh, but sometimes just a full bladder.

I don’t know your age or menstrual status but use sarcosine if you like, but do your exercises, it’s the best weapon, I’m rereminding myself as I say that to you also.

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I have urge incontinence (urinary)

The doctor thinks it is due to chlamydia.

I’ve taken antibiotics for it, But still have urge incontinence (urinary)

It means when I need to pee, I need to run to the toilet or else.

I was in a grocery store and peed myself.


Since then I’m more careful.

I need to get another chlamydia test done maybe I still have the infection and maybe that’s why I still have urge incontinence (urinary)

Though it has improved.

So maybe I just need a more powerful antibiotic or something.

I hope your urinary incontinence continues to improve.

It is not a nice condition to have, very inconvenient, embarrassing, and annoying.

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I started to have this issue when I was on Risperidone. And then this issue lasted when I switched meds from Risperidone to Amisulpride.

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I wonder if theyre doing the same thing to me. Ive noticed periods of time where i leak pee for about a minute after i go to the bathroom.

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Exactly. 15151515

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I’ve developed this problem recently, where when I have the urge to go, I can’t put it off. Sometimes I barely make it. One time I didn’t.

I take Clozaril, btw. I saw some other posters did, too.

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Yeah, why don’t you just go to the doctor and get it over with? I had it about 25 years ago but I took care of it right away.


Wanna give it another week to further improve. If it doesn’t I’ll get me some more of those antibiotics.

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My girlfriend has a problem with that
I joke about being jealous of her love affair with the toilet
She is going to the doctor for it

Amulsuphride and clozaril has similar side effect if i wasn t wrong.there are also counter side effect medicine for this.why did you switch your medicine.i m not sure if paliperidone available at your country but it is active metabolite of risperidone and has very few side effects.if you used risperidone before you can also try paliperidone. İ m using since 2015 and it saved my career and relationship

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I did tried Paliperidone for very short period of time between the switch from Risperidone and Amisulpride. Unfortunately I had very bad reactions to Paliperidone including blurry eyes and depression. Also I felt very uncomfortable with Risperidone. That’s why I finally came to Amisulpride. Anyway thanks for your suggestion.

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Depression might go away within eight months with proper ad treatment.

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