Urgent help needed please!

Hello I was on paliperidone injection for my phycosis but it didn’t work for me and I got all the side affects. The side affects have died down now and my only problem is that I have insomnia. I don’t fall asleep natuarally I just find myself sleeping. I can go sleep at 12am and wake up at 3-5am and that’s it I can’t sleep after that I’m awake the whole time.

Another problem I got is that weed doesn’t get me high anymore, I guess it’s not a bad thing at the end of the day but I want to know why this is.

Please help me I don’t feel like I’m functioning normally I wish I never took it.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated, maybe someone else has gone through the same thing as me.



Please quit weed. It will be for your own good :slight_smile:


I’m also finding weed isn’t really working sorry to hear. I don’t sleep well either

Thanks for your reply mate but your not understanding what I mean. I don’t get high at all there’s no point smoking and I want to know why that is because I was able to before the injection, any ideas?

Thanks for your reply, was you on paliperidone injection aswell? Did you notice that you couldn’t get high after your first injection?

I’m on 6mg oral tablets. I’m about to smoke some weed now. Even though I don’t feel high I still smoke it to chill me out and because I’m bored most of the time

I don’t think you should talk about weed here on this forum, this site is for recovery :sunny:


Yea I apologise. But I was just trying to be honest so you knew


Cool guys.
I too quitted weed…!!!

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you nay need a med change, also weed is bad news and worsens sz

Is anyone able to tell me why I can’t sleep. I’m on amisulpride now oral medication.

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Before I had the depot injection paliperidone I was able to sleep. What changes has it done to my brain? Are they irreverseable

I had troubles with sleep but only in the beggining when i started to take Invega pills. Curently on 9mg :pill: For how long have you been on Invega @Chrissy901

Thanks for your reply. I was on depot injection in September last year and my sleep has been bad since. I don’t take it no more because I had too many side affects from it.

When they gave me the Haldol shot it totally changed my body’s reaction to alcohol. It cut how much I could drink by well over half. Also, I didn’t get that euphoria from alcohol that I used to get. I could get stoned on weed, though. No changes there. It’s probably a good thing that the Haldol shot affected my alcohol consumption like that. I’d have killed myself drinking the way I was. My sleeping patterns have always been erratic. There is a drug called amyltriptaline (unsure of spelling) that is a tricyclic antidepressant combined with a sedative that can help establish a good sleep cycle. When they gave it to me I slept eight or nine hours a night for six months, and then it quit working. You might ask your pdoc about it.

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I can’t smoke weed anymore because it trips me out. That would definitely be one step to a better recovery.


Thanks for all the replies guys I appreciate the info you’ve all provided but has anyone else sleep been affected by paliperidone injection and can they tell me how they solved it thanks a bunch.

Wouldn’t they interfere with my amisulpride medication?

I wouldn’t know. You’ll have to ask your pdoc.

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I am on invega sustenna injection now and it really has affected my sleep. I cannot sleep for more than 30min to an hour at time without waking up. And it takes me hours to fall asleep. It truly is a nightmare for me. I have to ask my doctor what he can give me to help me sleep.