Uresolved trauma?

Hi Everyone,
I really need some advice about unresolved trauma.
I was mugged and it was traumatic, then a year later I suffered two psychotic episodes which were intense and beyond traumatic.
I was diagnosed with schizophreniform and since then I have been on Abilify.
Dose had gone down to almost nothing.
Its been 12 years now and I am unsure if the trauma has completely gone away.
I don’t battle with delusions or positive symptoms but I battle with depression and addiction.
I have developed Binge Eating Disorder (Like Food Addiction) and a Chronic addiction to porn
I have battled these 2 addictions for a long time and they are killing me.
Eating disorders and addiction are caused by trauma.

I tick most of the boxes for unresolved trauma but I also tick boxes for depression, there may be overlap.

How do I resolve my unresolved trauma?


Medications may help with the compulsiveness. It’s a hard cop but they are issues a decent psychiatrist should be able to address. PTSD is hard. But there’s good help out there with a decent shrink too.

It’s all about function. If your suffering then see a shrink! Be honest. It’s the best way for yourself!



I have been stable for a long time,
I have been seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist for a long time.
Psychiatrist is good. He manages medication side of things quite well.
Psychologist recommended exposure therapy and exercise, Both worked great.

I was diagnosed with Binge Eating late last year and I am in the early stages of treatment for this.

I really think I have unresolved trauma that is causing most of my current problems.

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