Upset stomach side effect

Today I doubled the dosage of the antipsychotic Socian from 50mg to 100mg, and result was the stomach very upset and increased hostility, I ran and sweat last two days, I have eaten normally there was no reason for this. I feel this is like a “trap”, people who prescribe medicines sometimes really do not know what they do to patients. I felt bad in cardiac aspect like very tired, not pumping blood with the same fluidity, a little more tension in blood stream. Of course abdominal perimeter has cardiac influence too and I was already overweight. Just because my mind is not clear and I have little signs of delirium they put everything at risk, but “in the name” of what? In the name of a sanity that will never exist whatever the prescription is. I survived for many years with 6mg of paliperidone, and now everything is plausible? I am on 150mg of Xeplion (injectable paliperidone) and more 100 of Amisulpride (Socian)!

Did the pdoc increased your med

yes @Cecilia It is a big question for me which dose is right, I just want to prevent deep relapses and going to Hospital or put myself at risk ant not overmedication and side effects.

Let the pdoc know how you are feeling now and tell the pdoc your side effects keep the pdoc informed

You survived with many years on 6mg of paliperidone. Do you prefer it ? If so let the doctor know. Did it make you feel stable? And you lived without too much complaints with it? Let your doctor know how it makes you feel. In comparison with what your taking now.


Are you taking the meds with food?

6 mg revealed to be not sufficient after many years and I went to the hospital twice in few space of time, so now they always prescribe high dosages. I initially did not argue because I hate to be at the Hospital locked most of the time. Then weigh gain was huge and now I am distrusting if this dose is ok, because there are always residual thoughts in any dosage. So… next time, I will explain better my point of view. And stopped right now with the 100mg of Socian to 50mg like before. One day was enough to augment a lot o volume in stomach, unbelievable!

I took Socian with a small portion of fruits. It was like that with the 50mg and it was like normal. Thanks for answering.