Upset because someone falsely accused me

And threw my Asperger’s into it . Asperger’s is not a crime. It should not be used against a person .


what did they falsely accuse you of?

I know. It was not kind. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Flagging them,which I did not do.

Who accused you of flagging them and why did they bring the aspergers into it?

They’re just jealous because we were born extra awesome.


Dude it was that thread that you and I were just in…did you not read his first post?! The one on the hidden wine post…

Oh that thread, probably will get flagged then. Anyway I thought whoever flags posts stays anon.

I unreservedly accept that you didn’t report me. The anonymity of the process may have contributed to trigger this particular bout of paranoia. My humblest apologies.

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Why complain about being flagged? It’s not gonna change anything, the admins only do their jobs they don’t have anything against you just realized what you did wrong and move on or make your own site.

Thank you. I don’t flag over what may be psychotic talk , or because of just a difference of opinion .

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