Upgrade Your Brain, Increase Your IQ

Your intelligence is infinite.

Intelligence is not fixed. Studies have shown repeatedly that with training, supplements, and time – intelligence can always be increased. Neuroplasticity – your ability to reshape your nervous system and brain – is proven to exist and we even know how to increase it.
However, your mindset often dictates your boundaries of intellectual capacity. How you think and perceive the world impacts your intelligence and ability to rise to a challenge. You can see clear examples in the effects of stereotype threat as well as studies on what children are told about their performance.

People who believe intelligence is fixed are the ones who never reach their full potential. The people who believe they can achieve anything will outperform and may very well achieve anything. In a fascinating EEG study of 480 trials at Michigan State University, researchers found that participants who thought they could raise their intelligence performed far better than those who thought they couldn’t.
I’ve been brain hacking even longer than I’ve been hacking my body. To share all of my secrets would take an entire book (anther project I’m working on). In the meantime, here are my top five methods for increasing brain function. Think of this as getting a software update.

  1. Challenge Your Brain

Before you get into the fancy techniques, focus on challenging your mind in new ways every day. Take a new route to work, learn a new language, read a challenging book, or start a new project. Most entrepreneurs don’t have a problem with this, but many people go through their day without any kind of mental stimulation. Studies have shown that people who continually challenge their brains with even the smallest tasks live longer and retain their brain function until the very end. Keep your curiosity engaged and ask yourself, “why?” in exactly the way a 3 year old would.

  1. Dual N-Back Training

Now we’re getting into the cool stuff.
This software program consists of 20 minute computer lessons designed to challenge every part of your brain necessary to boost your IQ. Dual N-Back Training was the focus of our article titled “How To Add 2.75 IQ Points Per Hour of Training.” A person I coach increased his IQ 18 points, and I increased mine 12 points with this method alone. Considering all the other techniques I’ve used over the years prior to Dual N-Back training, that’s a massive increase.
Dual N-Back Training improves memory, problem solving, imagination, and REM sleep. There are some open source versions of Dual N-Back Training such as Brain Workshop that you can download for free.
It takes about a month of daily exercise. Your brain won’t like it at first – you will get bored and frustrated and probably have strange dreams. But when you’re done, you won’t know how you functioned with only half the working memory you just gained. It’s that strong, like a RAM upgrade for your brain.

  1. Nutraceuticals

These are nutrients that have a specific medicinal or pharmacological effect. Nutraceuticals are usually compounds made by the body or plant based. They’re more natural than other drugs and are good for beginners who are apprehensive at the thought of taking a “drug.”
These are all effective brain enhancers that can be purchased for relatively cheap.

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Just a note of caution here… don’t believe everything you read on a company web site.

smoking does it for me

While it destroys your lungs and jumpstarts cancer risk…

i am aware of the risks - getting cancer. I have taken that into consideration and am ready for that - getting cancer and dying early.

I recommend, that if you really nead the nicotine - go for the gum:

How much more ‘smart’ can ‘smart’ be?

Most ‘intelligence’ is just a way to create a conglomeration of words that fail to say much of anything at all.

I’m all about “intellect”. I really have no need for high IQ in any other area besides the English language. It’s all about communication for me.

I’m more about that “unspoken” feeling; living life sentiently & instinctually as opposed to “intelligently”. Keeping quiet is what I really have to learn, and I’m learning it in real life - on the internet I can speak my mind, though.

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I would look into Lumosity. What you are talking about is probably similar.