Updates on life


Just an update from me, I’m almost a month into nursing school now. It is a LOT of work as it is an accelerated program. This week alone, and keep in mind this is not a bad week, I have 12 chapters to read, 4 assignments, 2 quizzes, a project, a journal an exam and clinical skills to practice. However somehow I have been keeping up and doing fairly well grades wise though this is supposed to be our first really difficult exam so I’m nervous for that. We had our first hospital day this weekend and it was cool! Exhausting being on your feet all day though.

My relationship with my boyfriend is still wonderful, we are now 3 months in as of today. We finally built up the self discipline not to have sex constantly and have been abstinent almost 2 weeks now (for those that missed my post we were so active that I was physically injured and we still couldn’t stop it was of great concern to me, but now we finally have and I am healing well).

As for symptoms I am still pretty much symptom free aside from the odd voice here and then. Very stable.

That’s all!

summary: I’m a month into nursing school, it’s a lot but I’m doing well, we’ve started clinicals and I’m finally in the hospital so that’s cool. Relationship is still going really well. Have pretty much no symptoms and am still very stable.


Good for you. Glad things are going well. Keep studying. :grin::grin::grin:


Its great to hear that you’re doing well and that your relationship is going great.

Good luck with school!


Nice to read some of the rare schizophrenic success stories.


This is awesome news. I’m so glad that things are looking up for you! I wish you the best. :heart:


Very good @Anna, keep up the good work. Study hard.


Congrats I’m a little envious reading 12 chapters and all that work is more than I could handle. I’ve got too much brain dammage.


Anna I’m glad things are so good for you. Wishing you to continue this way.


That sounds great @Anna! Glad to hear that you’re doing well with the course. It is a lot of work - i remember when i was working through the degree it was a lot of work. More than most people realise i think. Keep up the good work. As for your other issue - glad to hear you’re healing nicely.


Brilliant, good for you Anna. So good to hear you are doing well :slight_smile: