Update unto whoever

Hi people from all over. I updated my own OS the one in my head. And would u care if I gave my advice? Then read on. I foremost am for taking less med, wait no quick conclusions. Less med as in more effective. I know me and you are not the same duh no doubt. However I don’t need my trazodone no more, I substituted with something else. Feels good sleeping naturally without dread of sleeping pills. I often question myself as do others, am I thinking the best I possibly can be?

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Aren’t you an old forum member from about 5 months ago?

Well, it’s great to see you are feeling better. I’m afraid to get off medications. I think I need them. Why don’t you like them?

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Thank you astefano! No no I like meds we all need meds but if there are ways around them why not discover that