Update on working/living by myself again

So I contacted my former teacher I’ve been close to when I was younger, pre Sz.

I needed somebody who lives in US to co sign for me for an apartment, so I talked to her and her husband who I had worked for for the first time in my life. It was a small sushi restaurant.

Anywho, I had to explain my current situation to them, and I came out that I was diagnosed schizophrenia and I came to live with my parents in Japan for the time being. They agreed to sign as a co-signer for an apartment.


They gave me a condition that it needs to be somewhere within an hour drive away from their home.

They said they are worried of me living alone, having schizophrenia and all. That if I lived atleast an hour away from them, it would be safer than living alone somewhere far away. Told me that it would be irresponsible if they signed a contract, and not be worried of my condition.

I told them I am okay symptom wise. I just have to take some pills.

I’m okay with that though, I just have to look for another job again and an apartment also.:eyes: they told me I seem to be rushing. And nothing good will come out if I rushed.

Sigh. :pensive:

Hey Siri open indeed.co m


Happy cake day @Abise !

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Oh my goodness!!! Thank you!!!

It’s been a year already! And I’ve came here everyday :laughing:

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I mean wtf I wasn’t intending to live near their location…

Do you think it’s worth it?

Do they live somewhere decent at least? I think you should be able to live where you want but it is nice of them to be concerned

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Yeah it’s very considerate of them… I wish I could find housing…

The employer who hired me seems pretty cool… wish I can work with her.

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Is the employer based in a completely different place?

Is there anyone else you know in the states who could sign for you? As nice as those people you know sound, it does make it trickier for you. And then would you have to stay near them indefinitely?

I wish I knew more people… the thing is that their income needs to be four times the rent, so it’s pretty difficult to find…

Yeah the employment is on the other side of the country. The dietitian sort of ghosted me for a few days, so I don’t know if she still wants me tbh, with my background check and all.

I’m just searching for more apartment options now.

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I live alone and it sucks. No one likes being alone all the time. No one. Not for long. I think it’s great they want to be a part of your life.


Yes… it’s about the first time irl where people actually cared for my recovery… they told me they will show me the way to make a definite recovery in adapting back to society.

They say that they have a lot of experiences working with people’s recovery and going back into society.

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It’s sounds like a opportunity. They are very nice to do that for you. It might not be ideal if that’s not where you intended to live, but for the average joe life is always filled with compromises. It depends what is most important to you I guess.

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Yes… maybe it’s a practical move going with them…

I don’t think their condition is unreasonable, are they in any way legally liable for you or your apartment because they have to co-sign? That seems really cool of them to do that for you.


Japanese people always seem very considerate, they always come across as a very good people,

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If they co sign, that would mean if any case I can’t pay the rent, they would be liable for the cost. Ie, have psychosis and run off…

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Wow! I don’t think very many people would do that for someone knowing they have schizophrenia. You’re very lucky. All the best with everything!


Yes they are Japanese… and they are considerate😊 may be not all but still

The people I’ve spoken to, also offered me a job with them, because they own a business, but I don’t want to rely so much on them :worried:

While taking to them, There was a certain point, where I thought I was being manipulated, or gaslighted… I don’t know. I could be paranoid.

Best of luck with your move. Seems like an exciting time for you. And Happy cake day!