Update on things

Here’s my periodic update. I’ve been doing pretty well aside from the usual dying of stress. My family life is still rough and I basically just live at my boyfriend’s house with him and his mom. (My relationship is still going great!!) My parents managed to avoid sending my youngest brother to the juvie school and now have enrolled him in online school, which is what he always wanted to begin with he felt his highschool was very toxic and was a big factor in his depression and substance use. However he still has a parole officer he has to see, and the day before his drug test my mom caught him smoking pot! He thinks it’s not a big deal and theres things he can do to make his test come back clean. I just can’t believe how dumb he is. He wants this whole future for himself and has these goals and I don’t think he realizes he isn’t going to be able to accomplish them if he keeps acting like this.

As for school I am almost done. Graduate in a little over 2 months. Still haven’t heard back from any jobs I applied to or interviewed with yet :pensive: a little bummed about that. Anyhow that’s all that’s goin on with me!


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