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So I’ve been doing fairly well! The semester is almost wrapped up I’ve got one week left after this one. My grades are good. I had a wonderful birthday on Friday the best I’ve had in a while, I got to go see a movie and get Starbucks with my friend, then went shoe shopping, got a brand new phone finally and a pedicure. Then I had my birthday dinner at home with family and then got to spend the rest of the weekend at my boyfriend’s as his mom was out of town. We had an indoor picnic since it was raining and saw movies and played video games and it was just really nice.

Symptom wise I’ve been having flare ups of my paranoia recently. I think it’s tied into my PTSD because when things flare it up is when it tends to happen. Specifically when we do sexual things it can cause the paranoia later on that night. So that’s been a pain. I start thinking there’s ghosts or a ghost in my room or whatever. But all my other symptoms have been well under control.

That’s all!

Summary: I’m doing real well, almost done with first semester of nursing school, had a lovely birthday, been dealing with some paranoia lately probably set off by my ptsd but my other symptoms have been fine!


I’m so happy for you! Stability feels really nice, doesn’t it? I think symptom flare ups are normal. These meds aren’t perfect, but they really do help a lot. Good job on your first semester of nursing school. You have to be really intelligent to do what you’re doing. I bet you’re f’ing brilliant, especially without schizophrenia holding you back. Good job, friend. I couldn’t be more proud. :heart:

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Its nice to see another full time student on here. Is your schedule getting a little more crazy now that its nearing the end? Mine certainly is. Congratulations on your first semester of nursing school. You deserve it. Nursing is hard.

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So glad to hear things are getting better for you. Congrats on doing so well at nursing school!

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