Update on the sauce endeavors

So… kind of gave up on making my own curry sauce… Couldn’t get it right and I didn’t want to use any cream… which mellows out the flavor in the middle before the spicy kick sets in…

But I have made a few other sauces that are pretty good.

Ginger + Garlic powder + flour + a bit of oil + water… mix it up real good… thickness can be adjusted by changing the water and flour amounts…

I tried enhancing your typical soy sauce… not really possible… that flavor dominates… I do dilute the soy sauce down with water to be less salty… it gives me a head ache other wise… also makes the bottle last longer

I’m going to make my own marinara out of tomato sauce… salt/pepper/garlic powder… perhaps a few other things… as tomato sauce is pretty light in flavor the other ingredients might actually surface.

So there are the three… Soy on rice and fish… Ginger on Fish, chicken, even beef… marinara for chicken/pasta…

good stuff.


use coconut cream in the curry…:blush:
take care :alien:


an easy way to add thickness to a sauce with out adding more flour is adding a few teaspoons of corn starch…

which is pretty cheep… last’s a long time and easy to get in the baking isle.

Normal soy is too salty for me too…

I like Tamari… it’s a soy that is a little darker and much more mild.

congratulations on getting some cooking skills back. That was one of the first things I was pretty happy about when I was getting better and more on track…

Good luck

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good suggestions man… I haven’t heard of this tamari… I’ll have to look into it.

I don’t make sauces but I do make marinara from scratch…one trick I use is from a chef I used to work under. You finely shred carrots and put that in the marinara to give it a zing, also marinara is best after being simmered an hour or so…


I’ve been using Shan’s Butter Chicken Spice mix. They’ve gotten the blend just right. You can add cream without losing the hit in the middle. If you’re mixing your own spice blend, I find that a bit of lemon or lime juice is a great way to boost the mid-range punch if you’re using cream in the product.

I’m trying to eliminate soy from my diet – have been trying coconut aminos. Not a big fan of them, have to say that.


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Yeah I keep meaning to get some lime and lemon juice… keep forgetting though… I try not to spend any more money on food than I have to.

You might find this helpful:

Things to always have on hand…

  • Lemon and/or lime juice
  • Worstershire sauce
  • Chicken/beef base
  • Cooking wine (or the real thing if you prefer)
  • Cooking sherry (or, again, the real thing)
  • Cornstarch


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Cool, when I lived by myself I really got into cooking and occasionally i made sauces too. I had a great recipe for barbaque sauce for beef and chicken.

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