Update on poor boyfriend

I ( stupidly) posted earlier about how I was thinking of dumping my boyfriend for being too poor. He accidentally read my post and cried really hard and told me he’ll always stay with me even if not as a bf. Then he signed up to go back to community college to study IT… I feel both dumb and mean. How is IT. He’s not good at math. Can he handle it?

It would be more productive (and kind) to encourage him instead of doubting him.


There’s a good chance he’s reading this thread too. :confused:


IT is a good field to be in. And it’s the kind of field where an associates degree is sufficient to get you in the door. Most of my friends in IT have degrees in things like art or women’s studies. They learned everything on the job and make decent money. You start out at the bottom, but can quickly work your way up. If it’s a field he likes, he should be able to go far.


@anon62973308 What kind of MI do you have?

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I have regular schizophrenia. Why ask?